Size Chart

Allow 2 fingers to be able to slip under the collar
X Small: 18cm to 25cm
Small: 24cm to 35cm 
Medium: 30cm to 47cm
Large: 37cm to 56cm
X Large: 43cm to 69cm
Chest Harnesses
Please allow extra room for the harness to fit over your pets head. And measure from the base of your pets neck, not the collar size as the harness sits lower than their collar.
XX Small - Neck: 22 cm, Chest Girth: 26-32 cm, Chest Length: 12 cm
 X Small - Neck: 26 cm, Chest Girth: 32-47 cm, Chest Length: 15 cm
Small - Neck: 32 cm, Chest Girth: 39-56 cm, Chest Length: 19 cm
Medium Neck: 40 cm, Chest Girth: 49-73 cm, Chest Length: 23 cm
Large Neck: 43 cm, Chest Girth: 56-80 cm, Chest Length: 28 cm
 Made to measure also available - Please email me your measurements prior to ordering with your size. 
Strap Harnesses
Measurements are for your pets girth
X Small: 30cm to 42cm 
Small: 39cm to 63cm 
Medium: 44cm to 75cm
Large: 50cm to 82cm   
Over the Collar
Xtra Small - Length:14cm x Height: 10cm 
Small - Length: 17cm x Height: 25cm
Medium - Length: 26cm x Height: 16.5cm
Large - Length: 29.5cm x Height: 19cm
Extra large - Length: 35cm x Height: 23cm
Snap On
X Small - 25cm to 30cm
Small - 30cm to 36cm
Medium - 36cm to 42cm
Large - 42cm to 48cm
X Large - 48cm to 56cm
Custom sizing is welcome, please email me with your request.